Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie

The Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie as with many kitchen materpieces came about by happenstance, or did it.  Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been experimenting with a healthier food lifestyle and today's smothie creation was a direct result of the smoothie experimentation that has been occuring inside of our blender.  So what … Continue reading Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie


Only at the end

"Only at the end is where we begin, here is somethin' to believe in".  This was being chanted over and over again by Lucy Woodard throughout the chorus as I was wrapping up my Ashtanga Yoga practice for this evening.  The song is actually called "Daylight As Sunset" by EarthRise SoundSystem.  While I was concentrating … Continue reading Only at the end

Almond Butter Power Shots

Need a pick me up.  Feeling sluggish during that long workout or is your head hitting the desk thinking that you should really spend your 2:30 pm break on the couch in the break room.  Well look no further.  These shots are for you.  No espresso needed no afternoon coffee just a pure real food … Continue reading Almond Butter Power Shots

Cinnamon Almond Trail Mix

This is a off shoot of one of my favorite trail mixes.  Actually this is probably my new favorite trail mix once I become a master almond roaster. Yeild: About 20 servings (good for a month) Ingredients 4 Cups - Cinnamon Roasted Almonds (Recipie Below) 3 Cups - Raisins (I like Raisins) 1 Cup - … Continue reading Cinnamon Almond Trail Mix

Spicy Cookie Happiness

Since it is the holiday season and since I love cookies I thought I would spice up our work holiday party this year. I mean I already have a reputation for being louder than the norm. So I say why not make loud cookies. Now, be warned that my sense of loudness is not always … Continue reading Spicy Cookie Happiness


Some things are better done with others and I truly believe that cooking is one of those.  Over the past few years cooking has really become one of my passions and recently, since Trent was able to stand, cooking with him has been a joy and a blessing. Here are some pictures of us having … Continue reading Pizza

Scotch Eggs

Scotch Eggs (Dinosaur Eggs) with Fresh Herbs and Chipotle Have I mentioned that I am a fan of Chipotle, Eggs, Sausage - What part of a pig are you not a fan of?  In my opinion though the additional of Chipotle Peppers to Scotch Eggs will have you coming back and back and back.  I … Continue reading Scotch Eggs