Sit In It: Act 1, Scene 2

Our last encounter was this past summer at my niece's wedding.  Prior to that we had not spoken for over 5 years and during that meeting we both knew that it was unlikely that we would ever speak again.  As he drove away in his car I thought about the fact that I didn't even … Continue reading Sit In It: Act 1, Scene 2


Sit In It: Act 1, Scene 1

Who was he?  An enigma to his own children, non-existent to his own family.  His siblings wanted nothing to do with him and from the little that I know his feelings were the same toward them.  His mother longed for a reconciling and his father was gone, long, before I could understand the ramifications of … Continue reading Sit In It: Act 1, Scene 1

Lest We Drift Away

When we focus on our past and the lessons that are learnt from our experiences we become aware to the fact that our own past selves are the foundations or our future selves.

The Future

From the midst a vehicle appears, moving toward you without driver nor passengers. Stopping before where you stand, the door rises. Willing and with eagerness you enter. Seated with anticipation but unknown as to why you set your buckle and settle in. The vehicle begins to move, but this time not in the same path … Continue reading The Future

Photograph Memories – Donaca Lake

This year I have a goal to become a better writer and publish more of my stories.  For years I have hidden my stories in a black leather bound journal.  Hidden from others to enjoy. Hidden from me to learn from.  With that said, I will be the first to admit that some of those … Continue reading Photograph Memories – Donaca Lake

The Deafening Silence

As I walked to the edge amidst the smorgasbord of language and international gathering of people, I was stricken the deafening silence that was emoting from the depths of the Grand Canyon.  I had never been to Grand Canyon National Park and neither had my family, so given my wife's Aunt and Uncle reside their … Continue reading The Deafening Silence