Green Zebra Salsa

Green Zebra

For this summers garden I choose a varirety of tomatos in hopes to make some delicious salsa in the fall but much to my surprise I didn't get very many red ones.  So here I was with 5 gallons of large yellow tomatos and about 5 gallons of this cool looking green striped tomato.  The … Continue reading Green Zebra Salsa


Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie

The Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie as with many kitchen materpieces came about by happenstance, or did it.  Over the past few weeks my wife and I have been experimenting with a healthier food lifestyle and today's smothie creation was a direct result of the smoothie experimentation that has been occuring inside of our blender.  So what … Continue reading Lemon Dreamscicle Smoothie

Healthy Avocado Fries with Sriracha Garlic Sour Cream

Avocado Fry with Sriracha sauce.

Okay, I have to admit that when I first came accross this recipe for Avocado Fries I was like, "WHAT!!!  Wait a minute, Avocado French Fries?". I was utterly dismayed on the concept.  It didn't even seem to compute.  I had so many questions and so little answers, so off to the laboratory (kitchen) I … Continue reading Healthy Avocado Fries with Sriracha Garlic Sour Cream