Fox Hollow – McBeth w/A Turtle and a Cock Finally got out to Fox Hollow this afternoon and I have to say it is a much better climb on a sunny 70 degree day than a rainy 40 degree day.  The ride was great.  Took off at about 5:00 pm from the University and since this acted as my commute home I was … Continue reading Fox Hollow – McBeth w/A Turtle and a Cock


Strawberry Century 2011 So what do you say after riding your bike for 101 miles and beating your goal by 12 minutes. I so wanted to go under 6 hrs but that blasted wind! My strategy going into this event was to take it in 4.25 mile increments. I know that may sound crazy but let me … Continue reading Strawberry Century 2011

Off and Pedaling

So the pedaling season has begun and my quest to raise $1000 for Multiple Sclerosis (honestly I do this just so I would learn to spell Sclerosis). It is working. The goals this year are to - Raise $1000 for the MS society. Ride an average of 200 miles a month until the event.  This … Continue reading Off and Pedaling