A Letter To A Friend’s Son

Not so long ago a a very dear friend asked me to compose a few thoughts to his son that may help him along his way in life. My first thought was to run away in terror but as I talked with this friend and gained understanding into what he was trying to provide to … Continue reading A Letter To A Friend’s Son


The Journey

A journey is defined as, "an act of traveling from one place to another" by many common dictionary's.  This implies that we have to go somewhere to experience a Journey but I would like to pose the idea that we can also experience a journey by listening to music.  Music has the ability to change … Continue reading The Journey

Only at the end

"Only at the end is where we begin, here is somethin' to believe in".  This was being chanted over and over again by Lucy Woodard throughout the chorus as I was wrapping up my Ashtanga Yoga practice for this evening.  The song is actually called "Daylight As Sunset" by EarthRise SoundSystem.  While I was concentrating … Continue reading Only at the end