2003 Ford Ranger Overland Build

  So after much deliberation the decision is to keep the good old Ford Ranger and use it for the build.   So now I get to start a build thread (The son and I are pretty excited about this) to keep track of the progress.  Would love for people to chime in and provide … Continue reading 2003 Ford Ranger Overland Build


2011 In Pictures

Instead of writing and writing about how wonderful, hard, glorious, sad, exciting, depressing, joyful, mind-boggling, exhilarating 2011 was I thought I would share the experience in pictures.  So without further adieu here are some of my favorite shots from the Harvey's 2011 album!

Harvey + Armstrong Adventure 2011

Tonight is the last night by the camp fire for this time.  We are wrapping up an impromptu trip to Montana to visit Paul, Karla, Jason and Erik that included camping at Placid Lake and Glacier National Park.  I say impromptu because originally this trip was suppose to be at Tillicum Beach just south of Yachats OR … Continue reading Harvey + Armstrong Adventure 2011