McDowell Creek Park Trail Runs

5:00 AM wake up calls come mighty early on a Saturday morning, especially after a late nite. I didn't get to bed until after midnight Saturday morning. I made the dreaded mistake of going downstairs at 10:00 PM to get on the computer and the next thing I new it was midnight. Well I don't … Continue reading McDowell Creek Park Trail Runs


Nice and Easy No Turtles or Cocks this time just a nice leisurely run around the campus district. Nice and easy today although it didn't start that way.  I really had to reel back on this one, my legs just wanted to move.  I looked down at my phone while I was climbing the hill (the only … Continue reading Nice and Easy

Fox Hollow – McBeth w/A Turtle and a Cock Finally got out to Fox Hollow this afternoon and I have to say it is a much better climb on a sunny 70 degree day than a rainy 40 degree day.  The ride was great.  Took off at about 5:00 pm from the University and since this acted as my commute home I was … Continue reading Fox Hollow – McBeth w/A Turtle and a Cock

Trails, Road, More Trails Today started an hour after I hoped but it didn't impact my performance on the trails, in fact it may have helped.  I wanted to be up at sunrise and on the trails by 6:00 am but a sick baby and a tired daddy meant I slept 30 minutes longer.  I did hit the trails by … Continue reading Trails, Road, More Trails

Do I have a 50

So I have this question lurking in my mind, "Do I have a 50 miler in me?"  I have this dream, actually and unrealized goal to get into the Ultra distances.  I really want to do the longer than 50 mile distances and eventually do a 100 miler.  Sunday, 6/20/2011 I completed the Vancouver USA … Continue reading Do I have a 50

Vancouver USA Marathon – 2011 Official Time: 3:33:15 103rd overall 13th in my age group. Before we get to the explanation on this one I must say that the Fishbread's are Great! Dan and Tina it was great meeting you in the real and Dan thanks for letting me tag along for 20 or so miles, hope I didn't … Continue reading Vancouver USA Marathon – 2011

Strawberry Century 2011 So what do you say after riding your bike for 101 miles and beating your goal by 12 minutes. I so wanted to go under 6 hrs but that blasted wind! My strategy going into this event was to take it in 4.25 mile increments. I know that may sound crazy but let me … Continue reading Strawberry Century 2011