Bacon Wrapped Turkey

Thanksgiving 2017 called for a repeat.  I cannot remember how the original happened.  Maybe it was Pinterest post that I coveted then made my own.  Maybe it was a passing comment from a friend due to my irreverent regard for bacon tainted food.  Regardless of the source the first Bacon wrapped turkey to grace our table was on Thanksgiving day of 2013 and this year, Thanksgiving 2017 the pig wrapped bird returned.

The two years were significantly different in cooking.  In 2013 I used a roasting pan to cook the bird and to get the golden crispness on the bacon I had to finish the bacon off with a torch.  This year I used the oven and cooked the bird uncovered to a ripeness of 170 degrees farenheight.  Personally I like the look of the first Turkey better, but it could be the camera used for the first Turkey was also  Nikon D800E and the one this year was an iPhone.

So how does one go about bacon wrapping a Turkey and the next most important question: To stuff or not to stuff.  Personally I do not suff the turkey with dressing, instead I stuff it with Garlic, Shallots, Apple and Celery all chopped and wrapped in Cheese Cloth.


  1. Start with a Turkey that is thoroughly thawed and patted dry.  Use toothpicks to position the wings along the side of the bird.
  2. Obtain two to 3 pounds of thick sliced bacon.  Start by laying them length wise over the breast.
  3. After the breast area if fully covered weave in the horizontal strips.
  4. Once the breast is covered you can start with the drumsticks and the lower section.  This section is where you need to get creative.  The goal is to ensure all areas but the wings are covered.

2013 Turkey: Once all bacon is in place put the bird in the countertop roasting over that has been preheated to 350 degrees.  Plan for approximately 4lbs per hour or 15 min per pound.  Once bird reaches an internal temp of 170 degrees it is time to remove the bird from the roasting oven to a cutting board and cover with Aluminum foil to allow to rest.  Once rested use kitchen torch on the bacon to get to desired color and crispness.

2017 Turkey: Once all bacon is in place put the uncovered covered bird in an oven that is already pre-heated to 350 degrees.  Plan for 1 hour per 4lbs or 15 min a pound.  Pull the bird from the oven when the internal temp reaches 170 degrees.  Put on top of stove, remove from pan to a cooking sheet or cutting board and cover with Aluminum foil.  This will allow the bird to continue to get up to ful temp.  You are now free to use the pan to make the gravy.



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