Only at the end

“Only at the end is where we begin, here is somethin’ to believe in”.  This was being chanted over and over again by Lucy Woodard throughout the chorus as I was wrapping up my Ashtanga Yoga practice for this evening.  The song is actually called “Daylight As Sunset” by EarthRise SoundSystem.  While I was concentrating on Niralamba Sarvangasana (Unsupported Shoulder Stand) and Halasana (Plow) I was contemplating the many meaning of this phrase.  I can only speculate as to the intentions of the producers but to me as a Christian I could only thing of Christ and that as saints our true beginning really occurs and the end of this current life.

Approximately 3 1/2 weeks ago Julie, myself and a friend embarked on a journey.  A three week journey to be exact.  None of us really knew what to expect and each of us had our own individual hopes and goals to accomplish by the end of the journey.  See there are times in our lives that to change, to start fresh we have to come to the end only to begin again.  What we wanted to do was change.  A change to our lifestyle which was mostly surrounded by food and in the process shed a few pounds.  I also had a personal goal to reconnect with my creator.  Which I am happy to say that I did.  So how do you change ones eating habits and lifestyle?  That was the question we kept asking ourselves.  We all did much research on various diets and programs but I think deep inside of our hearts we each knew that a program and/or a diet wasn’t the cure.

Enter the Daniel Fast.  The Daniel Fast is a Fast based on Daniel 10:3.  This was perfect: It was biblical, it allowed for the opportunity to reconnect with God, and it met our lifestyle change toward food.  Now the hard part, actually doing it.  See in the Daniel fast you don’t give up food completely you just give up the food that we love such as dairy, chocolate, caffeine, MEAT products and anything leavened such as any bread products.  Instead of those things you end up eating real food like whole grains, fruit, vegetables.

The first few days were really the hardest.  I felt light headed and foggy for most of the day but then by the 4th day my head was clear.  I was thinking more clearly, I was sleeping betting and by the third week I was waking up before my alarm.  This I was really not very happy about since I usually don’t go to bed before 11:30 pm and my alarm goes off at 5:30 AM.  Just not nice, not nice at all.  I am hoping that this portion will eventually wear off.  I even learned some new tricks to cooking which was very exciting for me.  The end result was that we each lost an average of 10 lbs and each of us renewed our relationships with each other and Christ.  Which was the most important aspect and the purpose of participating in the fast.

I have to say that now that we are through it my out look towards food and what to each is much different.  We are not going to remain Vegan but we are keeping a lot of the principles that we learned throughout the process.  So this is it a new beginning.  Funny how that works.


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