Some things are better done with others and I truly believe that cooking is one of those.  Over the past few years cooking has really become one of my passions and recently, since Trent was able to stand, cooking with him has been a joy and a blessing.

Here are some pictures of us having fun cooking one of our favorite things, PIZZA.  Yes it has to be all caps!  The pizza we are making here is a sausage, onion and artichoke pizza with a garlic pesto sauce on wheat bread with Smoked Gouda and Mozzarella Cheeses.


A great pizza starts with a great crust and we have found that the crusts at Trader Joe’s are the best if you don’t have time to make on from scratch.  So stop by an pic one up on the way home.  Once you have the crust then you must have great sauce.  This sauce was a homemade Garlic Pesto.  Very simple to make actually.  Take your everyday food processor and put some pine nuts, we used Turkish Pine Nuts that we picked up during our last trip to WinCo.  Then add some fresh Basil (Fresh basil is a must!).  Garlic and Olive Oil.  Once all is in the food processor then start processing.  You might want to add a little Kosher salt and Pepper to taste.

Once you have your sauce, take some time and roll and throw your pizza into a round.  Don’t make it perfectly round though just have fun with it.  I like to then put the crust in the oven and pre-cook it a bit.  Put the oven on 425 and cook for around 10 minutes.  While the crust is cooking take this time to cook up some sausage, chop the onions, grate the cheese and open that can/jar of marinated artichoke hearts (any brand with do).

Now it is time to assemble.  This is the fun part, get the kids involved or in this case the Tren’ts.  He has a lot of fun with this.  First we put the sauce on and it usually gets a little messy because we use our hands – of course we washed them first.  Then we add a little cheese to make the stuff stick.  After that add the Sausage and Onions and a little more cheese then the artichoke hearts and then a little more cheese.  One can never have to much cheese.  Also if there is any garlic left over that you didn’t use in the sauce just go ahead and sprinkle on the top.  Sorry I don’t have any photo’s of the assembly but as you can tell we use our hands.

Now you can slip her in the oven for about 12 – 15 minutes.  As you will notice I highly recommend a Pipeline Porter from Kona Brewing company with this masterpiece.  Enjoy!


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